AirGigs – An Innovative Way To Workshop New Musical Concepts

Every day, our emerging artists present us with great creative ideas for new live shows, and while we love their spirit and enthusiasm, the problem for us is that to really get a sense of new material, it has be demo’d and workshopped at a very high level. Detailed musical charts and lyrics need to be prepared, arrangements need to be created, and most importantly, we need representative recordings and performance videos that can ultimately form the basis of the show’s marketing materials. So while we love a good idea, we can’t really make use of one until an artist delivers a concept with all those elements in place. As anyone who has created a new show from scratch knows, just getting the show out of the idea phase can be a serious investment of time and resources. We don’t like having to turn away so many promising ideas, but up until now there’s been no easy way to help our artists take the pain out of the process of building a show from scratch.

Enter AirGigs, The Marketplace For Online Recording, Mixing & Mastering services. This unique new platform connects artists with top session musicians and recording engineers all over the world. The way it works is that members can search or browse through fixed price services in categories such as demo vocalists for hire, online arrangers, mixing engineers for hire and many more. The nice thing is that every service listing has a fixed price, so there is no haggling or negotiations and you can easily put together a pretty accurate expense projection. You can also read reviews from previous clients to get a sense of how responsive and easy to work with a given seller is. The site is 100% free to join and you only pay when you hire talent for a specific service. Continue reading

Earn Referral Income With Our Turnkey Live Entertainment Platform

The Show Store is proud to announce the launch of it’s new live entertainment referral program. This exciting program opens up a new way to earn income by referring live entertainment bookings for events. From corporate and special events, to meetings and trade shows, live entertainment is a key component for events both large and small. Our co-branded partner program was specifically designed for people with careers and / or businesses in: meetings, events, hospitality and live entertainment. Within minutes of being approved for the program, you will have access to an ever-growing suite of “plug and play” marketing tools, enabling you to market premium artists and attractions directly to your business contacts.

How It Works

When you become a sales associate for The Show Store we will provide you with live entertainment marketing tools that plug right into your website and social media pages. Our tools are designed to be a natural extension of your existing services, providing your customers with added value, and you with a new and largely passive revenue opportunity. Customers will be able to browse, search and inquire about live event entertainment options directly from your website and social media pages. All booking inquiries will be tracked and tagged with your designated associate id, so that you receive credit for the final booking. The Show Store will handle all communication and negotiation with potential customers resulting from your referrals. Once the booking for the event has been finalized, The Show Store will pay you a referral commission.


The Show Store works on a wholesale / retail model, whereby we purchase an artist for a fixed wholesale price and then remarket that artist to the customer. Our sales associates receive a 5% commission of the wholesale price paid to the artist. So, for instance, if you send us a referral that results in a booking, and the artist is getting paid $2500, you will receive a commission of $125.

Co-Branded Tools

All marketing materials and tools will contain both The Show Store logo and your logo and / or business name. In addition to providing you with embeddable widgets for your website and social media pages, we will also provide you with a complete co-branded version of Your co-branded version of The Show Store will contain your unique associate id so that all bookings resulting from your referrals will be tracked directly to you. Your co-branded version of The Show Store can be used to make media rich presentations, or as a place to direct customers who want to browse and search through all of our live entertainment options.

Tools and Support

We will be developing and releasing new tools all the time to help you grow your live entertainment referral business. We welcome your feedback and are always a phone call or email away if you require assistance with any aspect of the program.

Getting Started

If you are interested in applying to become part of the program, please visit:

Hosting A Roaring 1920s Themed Party or Event? Make it authentic with Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

You’re out to authentically conjure the age of the flapper. First things first; let’s set the scene. The first world war has ended, prohibition is in full swing, the stock market is booming, automobiles are taking the country by storm and there’s a hot new sound everywhere – Jazz. The music of the 1920’s so definitively characterized the spirit of the times, that historians alternatively refer to it as “The Jazz Age”. It goes without saying that any 1920’s themed event has to incorporate the sounds of the times. However, when it comes to finding a live band that does a truly authentic take on the 1920’s, you need look no further than Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks. Continue reading

3 Tips For Hiring Jazz Artists – Event Planner Checklist

Putting on a great live event is all about coordination and synergy. In every aspect the devil is most certainly in the details, so when it comes to hiring the right live event entertainment you don’t want to over generalize. Jazz is a genre that weaves through more than one half century of popular music, so it’s vital to zero-in on the particular type and flavor of jazz that best suits your event’s overall theme and setting. In this article we wanted to provide our event planner friends with some key considerations when hiring jazz artists for events. Continue reading

Celebrate 4th of July With The Great American Songbook

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the 4th of July, but we can’t think of anything more fitting than to incorporate the stories and melodies of the Great American Songbook. Born out of the first half of the 20th century, the Songbook still remains the canon of some of the most influential songs in American popular music. From Broadway and Musical Theater to Film, this music is woven deeply into the fabric of our popular culture and collective imagination. Timeless and uniquely American songs that remind us of who we are. This 4th of July, we are so pleased to recommend these three talented artists, bringing you varied and captivating portraits of our Great American Songbook. Continue reading

An Event Planners Guide To Musical Tribute Shows

You’re in the midst of planning a fantastic themed event, and you want entertainment to perfectly compliment your theme. The budget doesn’t allow for a national celebrity or “headliner”, so you begin looking into the idea of booking a tribute act. However, you quickly begin to realize that there are many different varieties of musical tributes. We’ve outlined a few important distinctions to help you better understand the world of booking musical tributes shows.

Look-alikes & Impersonators

Look-alikes & impersonators are great for lighthearted events such as “meet & greets” and photo opportunities. A few classic examples would be Elvis, Michael Jackson and Marylin Monroe impersonators. Some Look-alikes & impersonators travel with a band and require sound, lighting and stage support, so it’s important to go over all the technical requirements before booking. Song selection and duration of performance is another important factor to be considered. Not all Impersonators actually sing or put on a show, so this is something to be aware of as well. Continue reading

Celebrating African-American Music Appreciation Month

What would American music, or culture for that matter, look like without the rich contributions of African Americans? It stretches the imagination to conceive of a world without Pop music, Rock & Roll, Blues & Jazz. Music is a sort of living timeline, evolving from generation to generation, but never loosing connection with roots that go back hundreds, if not thousands of years. In the words of President Obama, “Generations of African Americans have carried forward the musical traditions of their ancestors, blending old styles with innovative rhythms and sounds… African-Americans have always had a hand in shaping the American sound.”. We’d like to take that a step further and say that there is no sphere of modern music that hasn’t been profoundly effected by the contributions of African Americans. is pleased to pause and honor African American Music Appreciation Month. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Cole Porter – The Ultimate Cole Porter Tribute

To fans, Cole Porter was more than a great composer; he was a kind of soothe sayer, or oracle, spinning truths about the raptures and follies of romantic life. His work is truly timeless and we are so pleased to commemorate and celebrate his birthday with this fantastic tribute show by Steve Ross. The New York Times has called Steve Ross one of Cole Porter’s most sensitive interpreters. Steve’s wit, charm and style personifies the very essence of Cole Porter. This spirited evening brings together Cole Porter’s brilliant, sometimes racy list songs (“You’re the Top,” “It’s De-Lovely”) with the bittersweet, passionate ballads (“Night and Day,” “So in Love”) to form a delicious confection that is bound to satisfy audiences and critics alike.

Steve Ross rose to fame as a cabaret entertainer during his lengthy sojourns at New York’s fabled Algonquin Hotel and Ted Hook’s Backstage in the late 1970’s. He has spent the ensuing decades singing and playing in smart clubs and swank parties all over the world. Continue reading

Commemorate Memorial Day With Great American Music

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the men and women who have died in service to our nation. Memorial Day was first observed on May 30th 1868 with flowers placed on the graves of civil war soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. Whatever our politics or worldview, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of respect and gratitude for those that made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. We at deeply honor them and the sacrifices they have made. In the spirit of Memorial Day we have put together 3 of our attractions who bring us music that is quintessentially American. These three artists will fill you with the sounds and spirit of America. If you’re planning a Memorial Day event with a live music component, these are 3 essential considerations. Continue reading

Ideas For Mother’s Day Events, Banquets & Celebrations

Ideas For Mother’s Day Events, Banquets or CelebrationsThere’s no better way to honor and celebrate special moms and women of the community than to plan a Mother’s Day event. However grand or modest, it can be a memorable and unique bonding experience for families and the community at large. We at The Show Store, love reasons to celebrate, and it’s our mission to empower and educate people with new and unique ways to compliment their events using thematically relevant live entertainment. So we wanted to share a few key ideas for planning a truly unforgettable mother’s day event. Continue reading