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Branded Live Entertainment Options For Small to Mid-Sized Organizations

Branded entertainment is an entertainment based marketing vehicle designed to communicate a brand’s image or “vibe” to its customer. It’s all about forging an emotional connection with a target audience. The earliest forms of branded entertainment began in the 1950’s, where a single advertiser would sponsor an entire television show. In the years since, brands have utilized the concept and model of branded entertainment in many different arenas from live shows & festivals to product placement to full scale theatrical productions.

When the average person thinks about branded entertainment they tend to think in terms of large scale productions involving fortune 500 companies. That’s because up until the advent of the internet our awareness of branded entertainment was limited primarily to Television, Film and Radio. Now the playing field is a lot more level and the opportunities for leveraging branded content are many. In this article we will consider the potential for small to mid-size organizations to utilize Branded Live Entertainment as a marketing vehicle. Continue reading