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AirGigs – An Innovative Way To Workshop New Musical Concepts

Every day, our emerging artists present us with great creative ideas for new live shows, and while we love their spirit and enthusiasm, the problem for us is that to really get a sense of new material, it has be demo’d and workshopped at a very high level. Detailed musical charts and lyrics need to be prepared, arrangements need to be created, and most importantly, we need representative recordings and performance videos that can ultimately form the basis of the show’s marketing materials. So while we love a good idea, we can’t really make use of one until an artist delivers a concept with all those elements in place. As anyone who has created a new show from scratch knows, just getting the show out of the idea phase can be a serious investment of time and resources. We don’t like having to turn away so many promising ideas, but up until now there’s been no easy way to help our artists take the pain out of the process of building a show from scratch.

Enter AirGigs, The Marketplace For Online Recording, Mixing & Mastering services. This unique new platform connects artists with top session musicians and recording engineers all over the world. The way it works is that members can search or browse through fixed price services in categories such as demo vocalists for hire, online arrangers, mixing engineers for hire and many more. The nice thing is that every service listing has a fixed price, so there is no haggling or negotiations and you can easily put together a pretty accurate expense projection. You can also read reviews from previous clients to get a sense of how responsive and easy to work with a given seller is. The site is 100% free to join and you only pay when you hire talent for a specific service. Continue reading