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Hosting A Roaring 1920s Themed Party or Event? Make it authentic with Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

You’re out to authentically conjure the age of the flapper. First things first; let’s set the scene. The first world war has ended, prohibition is in full swing, the stock market is booming, automobiles are taking the country by storm and there’s a hot new sound everywhere – Jazz. The music of the 1920’s so definitively characterized the spirit of the times, that historians alternatively refer to it as “The Jazz Age”. It goes without saying that any 1920’s themed event has to incorporate the sounds of the times. However, when it comes to finding a live band that does a truly authentic take on the 1920’s, you need look no further than Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks. Continue reading

3 Tips For Hiring Jazz Artists – Event Planner Checklist

Putting on a great live event is all about coordination and synergy. In every aspect the devil is most certainly in the details, so when it comes to hiring the right live event entertainment you don’t want to over generalize. Jazz is a genre that weaves through more than one half century of popular music, so it’s vital to zero-in on the particular type and flavor of jazz that best suits your event’s overall theme and setting. In this article we wanted to provide our event planner friends with some key considerations when hiring jazz artists for events. Continue reading

Celebrate 4th of July With The Great American Songbook

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the 4th of July, but we can’t think of anything more fitting than to incorporate the stories and melodies of the Great American Songbook. Born out of the first half of the 20th century, the Songbook still remains the canon of some of the most influential songs in American popular music. From Broadway and Musical Theater to Film, this music is woven deeply into the fabric of our popular culture and collective imagination. Timeless and uniquely American songs that remind us of who we are. This 4th of July, we are so pleased to recommend these three talented artists, bringing you varied and captivating portraits of our Great American Songbook. Continue reading

Celebrating African-American Music Appreciation Month

What would American music, or culture for that matter, look like without the rich contributions of African Americans? It stretches the imagination to conceive of a world without Pop music, Rock & Roll, Blues & Jazz. Music is a sort of living timeline, evolving from generation to generation, but never loosing connection with roots that go back hundreds, if not thousands of years. In the words of President Obama, “Generations of African Americans have carried forward the musical traditions of their ancestors, blending old styles with innovative rhythms and sounds… African-Americans have always had a hand in shaping the American sound.”. We’d like to take that a step further and say that there is no sphere of modern music that hasn’t been profoundly effected by the contributions of African Americans. is pleased to pause and honor African American Music Appreciation Month. Continue reading

Ideas For Mother’s Day Events, Banquets & Celebrations

Ideas For Mother’s Day Events, Banquets or CelebrationsThere’s no better way to honor and celebrate special moms and women of the community than to plan a Mother’s Day event. However grand or modest, it can be a memorable and unique bonding experience for families and the community at large. We at The Show Store, love reasons to celebrate, and it’s our mission to empower and educate people with new and unique ways to compliment their events using thematically relevant live entertainment. So we wanted to share a few key ideas for planning a truly unforgettable mother’s day event. Continue reading

Vocal Trash – Fun, Green Entertainment For Eco-Friendly Meetings, Conferences & Events

Eco Friendly Entertainment For Events, Conferences & Meetings

“It’s entertainment with a conscience,” says Steve Linder, creator of Vocal Trash; a diverse blend of environmental performers who have been engaging audiences across the U.S. for more than a decade. This exciting, high-energy theater troupe from Texas combines uniquely recycled musical instruments, such as their “one of a kind” bass and guitars, with an industrial percussion section made-up of metal trash cans, plastic barrels, water bottles and other landfill rescued items. Their hip, yet poignant, presentation encourages an eco-friendly approach to life, stressing the importance of conservation and the recycling and reusing materials. Continue reading

April Is National Humor Month…3 Entertainment Options For Fun Events

April is National Humor Month, and it’s the perfect time to think about infusing a little humor into your fun and lighthearted events. National Humor Month was founded by author and humorist Larry Wilde, with the goal of heightening public awareness around the therapeutic and restorative values of joy and laughter. It seems like every year, new studies provide support to the idea that laughter has a very positive impact on our health and well being. If you are putting on an event that could use a funny entertainment component, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at these three sensational attractions. Continue reading

Spice Up Spring Events With Orchestral & Chamber Music

Spring is just around the corner. Soon the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing and strings will be in the air. Plan ahead and add a bounce of spring to your 2014 programing with refreshing performances sure to delight your audiences. All three of these fantastic attractions are critically acclaimed and will surely bring a touch of harmony and sophistication to any event. For booking related questions please contact Peter Ligeti today at 817-718-4946 or schedule a personal phone meeting. Continue reading

3 Entertainment Ideas For Black History Month Cultural Events

Entertainment goes hand in hand with historical, social and cultural movements. It is always both a reflection of the times and a causative force that helps shape the fabric of society. celebrates the rich contribution of Black Americans to our culture and to the evolution of contemporary music and art.

What originally began as Negro History Week in 1926 was later changed to Black History Week in 1972, and finally became Black History Month in 1976. Dr. Carter G. Woodson, renowned historian, author, world traveler and Harvard Ph.D., is known as the Father of Black History. Continue reading