3 Entertainment Ideas For Black History Month Cultural Events

Entertainment goes hand in hand with historical, social and cultural movements. It is always both a reflection of the times and a causative force that helps shape the fabric of society. TheShowStore.com celebrates the rich contribution of Black Americans to our culture and to the evolution of contemporary music and art.

What originally began as Negro History Week in 1926 was later changed to Black History Week in 1972, and finally became Black History Month in 1976. Dr. Carter G. Woodson, renowned historian, author, world traveler and Harvard Ph.D., is known as the Father of Black History.

Below are 3 great entertainment ideas for Black History Month events and celebrations.

Dance Theatre Of Harlem

Dance Theatre of Harlem is a leading dance institution of unparalleled global acclaim, encompassing a performing Ensemble, a leading arts education center and Dancing Through Barriers®, a national and international education and community outreach program. Each component of Dance Theatre of Harlem carries a solid commitment towards enriching the lives of young people and adults around the world through the arts.

Ola Onabule

Ola OnabuleOla Onabule is amongst the finest soul/jazz/funk singer/songwriters of his generation and has carved a unique career for himself through his powerful live performances and critically acclaimed albums. Mesmerizing in person, it is Ola’s stunning velvety voice that really captivates his audience. He and his fourpiece band have wowed critics and the public alike, everywhere from London’s Astoria to the Elizabeth Taylor Gala Performance, via the National Opera House to the Kennedy Center in America. Their repertoire ranges from classic soul to modern funk. Take a shot of Luther Vandross and add a splash of Al Jarreau, shake well, pour in front of a microphone and you have a global superstar.


“This ideal party band … also bears messages of togetherness … The rhythms of Indian Ragas and reggae have striking similarities, while the Latin, African and contemporary funk that’s spicing this one-sound, many-voices stew fits the all-world melange to a tee. Whatever your background, there’s music here for you.” -Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

The 5-Time Winner of The Chicago Music Awards, FUNKADESI is capturing the attention of the U.S. and the rest of the globe. Funkadesi has been hailed by Time Magazine, and even caught the attention of then U.S. Senator Barack Obama, who notes: “Funkadesi really knows how to get a crowd going. I can’t say enough how energizing this band is. There’s a lot of funk in that desi!”

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