Ideas For Mother’s Day Events, Banquets & Celebrations

Ideas For Mother’s Day Events, Banquets or CelebrationsThere’s no better way to honor and celebrate special moms and women of the community than to plan a Mother’s Day event. However grand or modest, it can be a memorable and unique bonding experience for families and the community at large. We at The Show Store, love reasons to celebrate, and it’s our mission to empower and educate people with new and unique ways to compliment their events using thematically relevant live entertainment. So we wanted to share a few key ideas for planning a truly unforgettable mother’s day event.

Thematic Ideas

Spring: Adding a thematic element to your Mother’s Day celebration will give it a more cohesive and organized feeling. Mother’s Day coincides with spring, and spring is the season of birth and renewal. When you celebrate Mom, you celebrate spring. So light and airy decor that includes flowers, linen, lace and pastel colors will be a perfect fit.

Spirit: If it’s a religious or church sponsored event then you can incorporate a meaningful and thematically relevant scriptural message, proverb or passage as the “caption” for the event. Include it on event invitations, programs and signage as way to give guests something spiritually significant to reflect upon.

Brunch Menu

Breakfast Favorites: You can never go wrong with a nice array of warm and cold breakfast favorites such as scones, muffins, bagels, toast, cream cheese, jams, jellies, fresh fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, and scrambled eggs & hash. Go the extra mile with some high quality organic and fair trade coffee.

Tea Finger Sandwiches: Add a little hint of English tradition with Tea Finger Sandwiches. It can be said that English afternoon tea is defined by the sandwich; it’s shape, size, presentation, filling; whether it has crust or no crust. The most classic of the Tea FInger Sandwiches are those filled with cucumber and regular or herbed butter. For a lightly tart flavor soak the cucumber in white wine vinegar. Other Tea Finger Sandwich recipes include steak au poivre, cream cheese and salmon, crab salad, pesto chicken and country pâté. Of course, what would Tea Finger Sandwiches be without the tea? Delight guests with a nice assortment of organic hot and cold freshly brewed teas.

Live Entertainment:

Our pick for the perfect sure-to-please Mother’s day show is The Four Bitchin’ Babes “Mid Life Vices”. In this celebration of “Whine Women and Song!”, Mid Life Vices hysterically journals the lives of this Baby Boomer generation. In Babe fashion, the girls use their musical wacky viewfinder to honor the quirks and habits of men and women who (like the Babes) refuse to act their age! Neener, neener, neener in stunning 4-part harmony.

Perfect for Mom’s (and Dads) of all ages. Add a little fun and humor to any Mother’s Day celebration. Learn about the performers including performance reel, images, audio and booking info. Contact Peter Ligeti today at 817-718-4946 or at for more booking information. Visit us at

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