Planning An Authentic Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Many confuse Cinco De Mayo with Mexico’s Independence Day which is on September 16. Rather, the traditional Cinco De Mayo celebration pays homage to the Battle of Puebla where on May 5, 1862, the Mexican Army defeated French forces against all odds. Cinco De Mayo has now become a day where Mexicans around the globe celebrate their heritage and culture. The Show Store pays tribute to Mexico’s rich cultural history with a few ideas on how to plan a knockout Cinco De Mayo celebration.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

If you want to give your guests a memorable experience then you absolutely need a menu of authentic Mexican cuisine. Authentic cuisine subconsciously sets the mood and tone of the event. The main thing to avoid is the fast food, Americanized versions of Mexican food. You can find a number of fantastic Mexican dishes that will delight guests, but here are just a few ideas to wet the palette.

  • Tamales: are made of steamed or boiled masa (a starchy corn-based dough), in a leaf wrapper. The wrapper is thrown away before eating. Tamales can be filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chilies or any preparation according to taste. One word to the wise; making Tamales can be labour intensive so if you are planning a large event then you may want to consider having them catered.
  • Pozole Soup: Nothing screams authentic Mexican food like a hearty Chicken Pozole soup. Great as an appetizer or a main course, Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup made with hominy, tomatillos, herbs, and a array of toppings such as radishes, lime, cilantro, and avocado.
  • Guacamole: Authentic, freshly made Guacamole is essential. For a super authentic vibe, look to recipes that include Cilantro and Jalapenos. Take advantage of the fact that people love to watch great food being prepared. With the help of a stone mixing bowl, you can turn the making of the Guacamole into part of the festivities.

Fun Party Favors

Whether it’s a large celebration or more of an intimate gathering, theme specific party favors can really add a fun element to any event. In keeping with Mexican history and culture, and the Cinco De Mayo tradition, we have put together a few simple and fun party favor ideas to incorporate into your celebrations:

  • Piñata: What better way to hand out party favors than to make it part of the festivities with a Pinata. A Pinata will add a fun and authentic element to the celebration
  • Glassware: If it’s an adult Cinco De Mayo party then Margaritas are likely to be on the menu. Authentic Margarita glasses make a fun gift for people to take home.
  • Maracas: Leave your guests with an authentic and fun mexican musical memento – Maracas!
  • Entertainment

    The Show Store specializes in providing premier, thematically relevant entertainment for events and we think you will love these options for Cinco De Mayo. Please note that these two attractions are best for Corporate events and larger celebrations as they require sound, lighting and tech support. We can of course facilitate these services for any event, but these are best suited for larger scale events. If you are in need of something on a smaller scale please contact us here and we’d be happy to make some other suggestions.

    Los Folkloristas

    Enchant your audience with Mexico’s Los Folkloristas as they preserve and record the traditional music of Mexico and Latin America. With more than 100 instruments in their collection, and performing music from up to 15 different countries, a performance with this seven-member ensemble is like taking a musical journey through Latin America.
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    Ballet Folklorico Quetzalli

    Or dazzle your patrons with Ballet Folklorico Quetzalli and their visual fiesta of culture and folklore featuring many regional dances of old Mexico, in particular, their home state of Veracruz (birthplace of the world famous “La Bamba”). The music, performed live on authentic stringed instruments, punctuates the meticulous movement, colorful clothing, and perfect pulse established by the dancers. Earning standing ovations from Cuba to Malaysia, Quetzalli proves they remain one of Mexico’s most popular exports!

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